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                                         Rosenval Park is a newly established kennel; breeding NZKC registered Swedish Vallhunds in                                           the heart of South Otago, New Zealand. Rosenval is proud to be associated with Osuno                                                       Kennel and mentored by the experienced Barahwolfe Kennel.

                                        We established Rosenval Park after the purchase of our first breeding bitch puppy, Osuno                                                   Vision of Vivi in 2015. Affectionately known as Vivi, she has been the prototype of Vallhund                                                  that we aim to breed. Friendly, outgoing, loyal, healthy and a great family pet.

                                        Rosenval Park is a family endeavour, and all our puppies start out their life in a loving family                                           enviroment. 




We are very experienced in delivering high standards of animal husbandry and the health and wellbeing of our puppies is of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to increasing our knowledge of best breeding practises and are very lucky in having access to Best in Show winning bloodlines.

Our puppies are equally at home as a working dog, in a family home, or as a

competitive show dog. As a New Zealand Kennel Club registered kennel, all our

puppies are pedigreed and papered.


Our focus is to breed sound, beautiful dogs with great temperaments.




This breed fits as well into suburbia as it does the working farm and lifestyle block.

They go well in apartments, on boats, in the bush, love the beach and when trained

and raised well make exceptional pet dogs. Swedish Vallhunds need a firm but

considerate owner, to whom they will remain very loyal. 

A Vallhund is a fairly healthy breed with few known inherited conditions,

they typically live for 15 - 17 years.  They have a double layer coat, consisting of a

warm under layer and a harsh top coat.  They do moult and the degree of all year

shedding varies from dog to dog.  Once they have lost their puppy coat and as an

adult will moult their undercoat once or twice per year with the shift of seasons.  Some can be 'barky' unless trained not to be, and most retain their herding instincts and can have a prey drive.  Raised well they are great with children, other animals and dogs.  


A Swedish Vallhund is happiest with you and doing whatever you are doing. Swedish Vallhunds have an easy care coat, and with their handsome good looks attract attention where-ever they go. 

Swedish Vallhund NZ
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